Insights through video

What we do

Behind each customer there is more than numbers and statistics – there is life.

‪Videographic research refers to a method where data is collected on video and research results are presented in video format. ‪It allows us to communicate emotions, contextual understanding, authenticity and affectivity. ‪We use it as a tool to gain deep understanding of people, cultures, environments, brands and markets. Research findings presented on video are effective, memorable, easily distributable, attention-grabbing, and generate activity. At best, video reports are tools of management, which make the difference.

The power of the method lies in the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words, but video even more”.



About us

Our business is understanding people.

Sailer is a videographic research agency based in Helsinki that was founded in 2014.
We combine market research, creative film production and academic expertise to generate compelling insights. We help our clients feel what their customers experience. Our approach brings the customers’ experiences, opinions and stories to life.
We are here to help our clients to understand what they need to thrive. The better they understand their customers, the better their goals will be achieved.

We provide inspiration to transcend your business.


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