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Videographic research

Through the combination of research and video production, we offer an effective tool to gain better understanding of consumption and consumer meaning-making. We generate deep insight by bringing human stories alive – and we make these insights compelling.

Videographic research has outstanding benefits. The data is collected on video, including interviews, observational and practice footage, or imaginary collected by informants. It allows us to illuminate diverse non-verbal communication in context that does not omit emotion and bodies. The method provides means to reflect and intimate interactions, which flow through peoples’ emotional energy. Videography makes these emotions visible.

The resulting research report is always in video format and resembles a short television documentary, bringing consumers, employees and their stories to the boardroom. It is a powerful and emotional way to present research findings and make them count.

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” One said. We use video


If you wish to use video as a part of your market research, let’s plan it together. We know how to get the most out of your research and how to avoid common pitfalls.

We have been privileged to work with international research agencies, brand owners and universities with their research and video projects. Our expertise in storytelling, research and strategic planning gives us an excellent toolbox for a practical approach in every project. Let us plan, supervise or conceptualize your project in order to raise your level of return on research.


One of our customers once said: “Every market research report should include video.”  We want to spread this message and offer people a chance to understand the opportunities of video research.

We organize international videographic research workshops in collaboration with leading academics in the field and provide lectures for companies and universities about the video usage in research. Our workshops are planned for every practitioner inspired to integrate video media within their research, regardless of their background. We are happy to tailor a suitable and practical model of learning for your needs.

If you wish to know more, contact our CEO Mr. Hannu Uotila, hannu.uotila@sailer.fi

Sailers have been mediators of business and trade for centuries. They have spread culture and brought them together. They allowed people to explore the unknown and satisfy their curiosity.

Now, we are combining market research, creative film production and academic expertise to generate compelling insight. We bring human stories alive by using a videographic research methodology.

Sailer is a Helsinki-based research agency founded in 2014. We are here to make research dynamic and media-rich, leading to a deeper understanding of consumers and research results. We always do our best to make sure that our customers will get maximum added value in their research activities.


Hannu Uotila

  • +358 (0) 44 070 0828
  • hannu.uotila@sailer.fi
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Hannu (M.Sc.) is a creative researcher, speaker and enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has been involved in creating several success stories in the media industry. In 2013 he was selected in an international list of new producers to watch in Cannes France (50th MIPTV). Hannu was the first to exploit the videographic research approach in a business master’s thesis.

Janne Rehmonen

  • +358 (0) 50 309 1127
  • janne.rehmonen@sailer.fi
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Janne is an experienced and creative audio-visual storyteller. He has been working in fields of television production and commercial communication as a director, DOP and editor. Janne is known for his documentary style of story telling and flower paintings.

Prof. Joonas Rokka

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Joonas is a marketing professor at EMLYON Business School. His research is on branding, and consumer experience, as well as culture, digital media, and creative visual research methods. He has been published in several book chapters and in international journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Management.

Ph.D. Merja Fischer

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Merja has a wide leadership career in several global companies, such as ABB, Nokia and Wärtsilä. Her expertise areas are in service business, finance and sourcing. Since 2012 she has been working as an independent actor with different types of organizations and universities – giving lectures, running strategy workshops and facilitating leadership transformations.

Minna Huuhtanen

Insight Manager
  • +358 (0) 40 646 4366
  • minna.huuhtanen@sailer.fi
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Minna is an experienced marketing professional and content editor. She has been working in fields of education, food and beverage, restaurant industry and event management.


We are looking for passionate talents. If you wish to work with visual research in an Helsinki-based team, send your 1min video application and CV to info@sailer.fi.

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